Omprosgialos is a well-hidden from the beautiful corners of Chania. Located on the rocky eastern coast of Cape Drill and north of Georgioupolis in Chania of Vamos. Here you will come for a swim in the crystal blue waters of the Gulf and then sit to try the seafood in unique tavern situated near the beautiful blue sea. As you can see in the photos below, there it's not a sandy beach. All the coast is rocky and when diving and coming from the sea you must show a bit of attention. 


The beach Koutalas is located 25km east of Chania, very close to the tip of Cape Drapano and 1km north of the Kokkino Chorio. The surrounding area is filled with fantastic caves, such as the Elephant Cave. 

The beach is generally isolated and nearly unknown to everyone. Formed at the exit of a rocky gorge and into the arms of a long narrow bay. Pebbles and large stones, which impede a little swimming. It is ideal for fishing and isolation. Of course, you must arrange to have all your necessities, such as umbrellas, food and water.
To get here you need to follow the road that leads north from the village to the Cape Drepano. From there follow the road to the lighthouse and about 700m further north you will see a sign on your left. The drive down to the beach. Near the beach and up, there is a large cave.


The beach Kalyvaki located west of the port of Georgioupolis, 37 km east of Chania and 21 km from Rethymno. In Kalyvaki Beach Almyros river flows, which has current water throughout the year. Kalyvaki is a beautiful sandy beach with low dunes, where you can enjoy your swim. The beach is well organized and there you will find umbrellas, and restaurants close to the coast if you want a bite to eat after swimming. The Kalyvaki is a good choice for families with children, especially when it's windy, as the beach is more protected from the neighbouring, crowded beaches of Georgioupolis. To get to the Kalyvaki, just walk west from the hotels in Georgioupolis, until you pass the river. Because the waters of the salt or sea there is always frozen.


Lake Kourna is the only lake with fresh water in Crete. It is situated in a magnificent location, just 4km away from Georgioupolis Chania. It is a rather small lake, known from antiquity with the name Korisia. Lake Kournas is a remarkable destination for an afternoon walk or a day trip. The relaxing and beautiful landscape is ideal for nature lovers​


The gorge of Samaria is the second most visited tourist attraction on Crete and by far the most popular walk. More than a quarter-million people walk through the gorge every year from May to October. In winter the gorge is closed to visitors due to danger posed by water and falling stones. The Samaria gorge is the longest one in Europe. It is an area of stunning natural beauty. Rare flora and fauna have survived in this area and are protected. The mountains that have formed it are wild, high and steep. One will pass through forests of ancient cypresses and pines and descend between vertical cliffs


Elafonissi is something like an island and a peninsula because to reach the island you have to walk through the sea. It is located in the southwest end of the prefecture of Chania, Crete, about 70km from the city of Chania. Elafonisi is a place of exceptional natural beauty, and it has been included in the Natura 2000 Protection Program. Someone could say that nature made its wonder in Elafonisi. That's why Elafonissi beach is such a popular destination in the prefecture of Chania, and a top of the top things to do / excursion from all over Crete. 


Chania old port is a fascinating place any time of the day or year, as the sun creates a variety of visual effects and gives the impression you see a different place each time you visit it! Start your walk at the NW part of it where you will see the imposing Lighthouse, the ‘jewel’ of the harbour.